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 Memory & Khoi Resistance

The confluence of the Liesbeek and Black Rivers is sacred land that belongs to all. It is a Site of Memory, associated with Khoi resistance in the battle against the Portuguese in 1510; and it is intimately tied to the first frontier war fought by the Khoi against the Dutch East India Company. It is also the site of the first free farms in the colony that became South Africa.

Most First Nation groups & ​​Heritage Western Cape objected to this development.


Preserving Biodiversity

This site is one of unique biodiversity, with rare and endangered plants and animals from toads to rare breeding otters, the two rivers convergence is a green lung in an urban world. The unique biosphere is one that is vital for us all. The wetlands also serve as an important water catchment area limiting flooding to neighbouring communities.

The City's Environmental Department, the Two Rivers Urban Park Association & Friends of the Liesbeek have all objected to this development


Local Community Impact

Observatory is a unique community. A grey area under Apartheid, Obs has been home to activists, artists, artisans and creatives since the first parcelment farms. The Victorian infrastructure and roads are struggling to accommodate the large new buildings on the Main Road corridor.

57,000+ people, the Observatory Civic Association and ​​Heritage Western Cape all objected to this development.

A full list of organisations objecting see here

To sign our petition click here (note donations from this site do not come to us)

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