The OCA and GKKTIC have submitted an application to the High Court to review of the decision making process that lead to the granting of the approval for the development. As part of this process, a request was submitted for an interdict to stop the current destruction while we are waiting for the legal review to take place. The interdict was granted on 18 March 2022.

The application is supported by affidavits from both the applicants and a wide variety of experts. In addition, the long process of objecting to this development is underpinned by a wide variety of stakeholders who have objected to the destruction of this vital site.

High Court Judgement 5 May 2022
Respondents' Applications for Leave to Appeal
High Court Judgement 18 March 2022
LAC Affidavits August 2021
Respondent Documentation
LAC Affidavits September 2021