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The Liesbeek Action Campaign (LAC) is an all-inclusive campaign with people from all walks of life.

It is a community of different people who share the same goal: preservation and celebration of heritage and the environment. As such, we do not discriminate and invite everyone with similar views to join us in our efforts to protect the Liesbeek River from harmful redevelopment. We understand the importance of intersectionality, and endeavour to always amplify the voices of those most marginalised. Our solidarity remains with indigenous people, women, disabled people, queer people, as well as Black, indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC), among others. We are committed to consultative processes that are inclusive and respectful of all marginalised people, especially those displaced. We do not permit any bigotry, racism, misogyny, prejudice, queerphobia, tribalism and ethno-nationalism within our campaign and community. We are committed to bridging the gaps between communities and oppose divisive politics. The Liesbeek Action Campaign is a non-profit and survives on donations and volunteers’ time and effort. We are open to anyone who respects the environment, respects indigenous people and understands their positionality.

Together, we are leading the legal fight to preserve this land

A full list of organisations objecting see here

To sign our petition click here (note donations from this site do not come to us)

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