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The community of Observatory is only 9,000 households. This development will double this placing pressure on Victorian infrastructure and roads. By paving over the flood plain and raising the ground level of the development, even the developers acknowledge it will increase flooding to local neighbours. 

The Observatory Civic Association represents local residents and opposes this development. So too do many other our neighbouring Civic Associations organisations.

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Traffic into Observatory is severely congested. Building a bridge to the M5 Barkley Rd junction will only lead into gridlock as the M5 flyovers are restricted at either end.


Expanding the Liesbeek Parkway will remain restricted by Campground Rd and the Albert Road Bridge. Trapping residents in their homes. 


The new development will cover +150,000m2 on a raised platform -  3.5m above natural ground level creating an artificially hill which will trap the storm water run off from Table Mountain.


The developers acknowledge flooding but claim that it "wont be structural" a small condolence to local residents. The City itself objects to building of residences on the Willow Street Art Collective as a result of the flood plain and has objected to developments in the catchment area such as that at the Ronderbosch Golf Course.


In 2018 Observatory Residents were informed that the limited Victorian infrastructure would barely tolerate the existing planned developments along the Main Road. Doubling the size of Observatory will place intolerable burden on local Victorian infrastructure.

Residents have already been warned of back flows and blockages. Storm water systems are also failing.

A full list of organisations objecting see here

To sign our petition click here (note donations from this site do not come to us)

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