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The two rivers convergence is a site of significant environmental importance. The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUPA) was declared a vital common resource.


Even the City of Cape Town's own Environmental Department opposed the proposed development, both to preserve the unique flora and fauna as well as a vital flood plain.

The floodplain handles stormwater from the large catchment of these two rivers and the development proposes raising the land 6.4m above natural ground with only 13% of the site in a semi-natural state.


This is the site of the first contact and over 100 years of battles between the First Nations and settlers prior to, and after, 1652. It is the site of the first settler farms and has an unacknowledged history spanning from before 1510. It is a site of spiritual significance and memory.

The vast majority of local First Nations and Heritage Western Cape opposed this development and endorsed the site for grading as a national heritage site.  It is vital to recognize that in indigenous cultures, the living heritage and spiritual significance lies in preserving a site in as natural a state as possible.

Local Community

The community of Observatory is only 9,000 households. This development will double this number, placing pressure on Victorian infrastructure and roads. By paving over the flood plain and raising the ground level of the development, even the developers acknowledge it will increase flooding to local neighbours. 

The Observatory Civic Association represents local residents and opposes this development. So too do many other local organisations.

A full list of organisations objecting see here

To sign our petition click here (note donations from this site do not come to us)

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