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First Nations

  • !Aman Traditional Authority (Nama)

  • !Aman Traditional Council

  • !khoraIIgauIIaes Council

  • !KhoraIIgauIIaes Indigenous Authority

  • !Xun Bushmen, Northern Cape

  • IKhowese Nama Traditional Council

  • |Xam San - the National House of the |Xam Bushman Nation

  • ǂKhomani-San - Northern Cape, Botswana, Namibia

  • ||Xegwi |Xam

  • |Xau Sakwa (Grass Bushmen) Gauteng

  • A|XARRA Restorative Justice Forum

  • Cochoqua Traditional Council

  • The House of Dawid and Klaas Stuurman

  • Democratic Federation of Indigenous People of South Africa

  • First Indigenous Nation of Southern Africa

  • Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Traditional and Indigenous Council 

  • IKhowese Nama Traditional Council

  • Guriqua, West Coast

  • Hawequa-|Xam, Cape Winelands

  • Kai Korana Transfrontier

  • Kalahari |Xam

  • Karoo-|Xam

  • Khoi and San Kingdom Council of Southern Africa 

  • Khoi and San Legal Resources Centre

  • Khoi Korana Trans Frontier Khoebaha

  • Khowese Nama Traditional Council

  • Sanquas, Swartland

  • Southern African Khoi and San Kingdom Council Khoi and San Legal Resources Centre

  • Ubiqua San

  • Western Cape Khoi and San Kingdom Council

  • Western Cape Legislative Khoisan Council

A full list of organisations objecting see here

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