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Legal Challenge

Undertake action in the High Court to challenge the approval for the currently proposed design. This includes stakeholder negotiation and engaging experts in heritage, environment and public process to ensure fair decision making as well as legal submissions.

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Community Participation

Halting this development will allow fair consultation with all stakeholders to co-design a solution that reflects heritage, the environment and the needs of the community. We will also ensure that awareness is raised as to the importance and relevance of this site.

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Khoi Participation 2.jpg

First Nations Participation

Ensure that indigenous Khoi people, who oppose the destruction of sacred land, have the opportunity to to have their say about development.


Environmental Protection

Ensure that the future of the site is one that protects the fragile environment, is respectful of flooding local areas and is appropriate to the service infrastructure available.

A full list of organisations objecting here

To sign our petition click here (note donations from this site do not come to us)

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